The award-winning Icarus is not only the most powerful wavetable synthesizer on the market. It offers 54(!) different synthesis modes and 62(!) exciting filtertypes. The audio engine provides a gigantic sonic range, offers high-end sound quality and creates sounds impossible with other synths.

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Icarus = extreme power + true high-end sound quality +  gigantic sonic range

Many people are convinced that Icarus is an absolutely essential synthesizer for professional producers. Icarus' award-winning audio engine does not only offer high-end sound quality with low demands on your CPU - Icarus is also one of the most powerful synthesizers on the market.

This synthesizer provides a gigantic sonic range. The audio engine is not only able to create all important synthesizer sounds - it can produce a vast range of fresh sounds, which are impossible with competing products. The innovative '3D Wavetable Synthesis', which is exclusive to Icarus, creates a new dimension of sounds with dynamic expression and acoustic movement.

Icarus comes with many powerful features like a built-in vocoder, the largest collection of high-end filters within a synthesizer, a properly working resynthesis function which can rebuild any sound with a mouse-click, speech synthesis, the most advanced Wavetable-editor available, time stretching and BPM sync, the most powerful oscillator section on the market, ...

However, the synth still remains very easy to use. A smart and comfortable interface gives you instant help, visual feedback and immediate acoustic results.

Icarus ships with an inspiring collection of 1034 production-ready sounds by professional designers. An efficient patch browser allows you to create professional tracks rapidly. It gives you an instant overview of all the available categories and sounds. It never has been easier to find the right sound!

Rebuild any sound with a SINGLE mouse-click!

With Icarus anyone can build fantastic sounds quickly and easily! Traditional resynthesis methods require a deep knowledge of sample editing in order to achieve good results. It would need time-consuming pre-processing using a sample editor as well as having precisely tuned samples.

We have taken care of these problems for you and have developed completely new algorithms. Icarus' innovative wavetable resynthesis rebuilds sounds with a single mouse-click!  It works with nearly any kind of audio material, is very easy to use and always produces high quality results. Simply click the button, select a wav file and Icarus will automatically create a patch, which sounds like the original. You can further use one of the morph modes, BPM synchronization, time stretching, the powerful effects section or the wavetable editor to further shape your sound.

Traditional sample import, auto-tuning, beat slicing, pitch shifting, noise reduction and granular playback modes are also supported.

All waveforms, wavetables and samples are automatically stored within your patches or songs. This means you don't have to worry about any files missing on your hard drive or broken song-projects.

Why do you need vocals to create a chart hit?

Chart hits use a lot of vocals. We are naturally drawn to those sounds, as they are reflections of the spoken word. Adding unique vocals to your tracks is a demanding task: You need a singer, a microphone, a recording studio, a wealth of experience and a lot of patience...

Icarus can do the work for you, as it can sing for you. Simply pick one of the vocoder patches and play a melody. These sounds are not just a bunch of 'vocal samples'  – this is real speech synthesis. The vocalic chants are never out-of-tune. Magically they can automatically synchronize to your song!

With the built-in vocoder you can easily create your own phrases. The top quality vocoder module has 1024 bands and is very easy to use: Simply click on 'Vocoder' and select a wav file containing speech. Icarus will analyze it and automatically create a patch. Or you can apply one of the morph modes to further shape your sound. Playing the sound forwards, backwards, formant shifting, time-stretching and looping are also possible.

3D Wavetable Synthesis

Professional testers from audio magazines are convinced that Icarus is one of the most versatile, impressive sounding synths on the market. The exceptionally powerful audio engine is not only able to reproduce all important synthesizer sounds in high-end quality.

The award-winning '3D wavetable synthesis' creates sounds impossible with other synths and reveals a new level of dynamic expression. Icarus is truly a '3D wavetable synth'. We have extended the classic wavetable synthesis, so that it can cross-blend waveforms, with an added morph dimension. You can use any of the 54 different morph modes to further shape the wavetable sound: You have the choices of waveshaping, time-stretching, pitch- shifting, granulizing, stacking, PWM, formant shifting, BPM syncing, phase distortion, reversing, ring modulation, sync, rearranging, FM, spectral editing, looping, denoising, mixing and so on. Anything is possible.

Oscillators & Hypersaws

Icarus offers three oscillator blocks with stereo architecture. Each oscillator block itself again can contain up to 10 detuned hypersaw oscillators. We've expanded the popular hypersaw concept with a stereo architecture, precise phase control, punch and the ability to make single oscillators play chords. 37 different modes are available, including, hypersaw, supersaw, stereo hypersaw, unison, stacking, chords and flanging. The hypersaw modes can be combined with any kind of wavetable and morph mode.

The sound quality easily surpasses conventional synths, but you don't need to own a NASA computer to be able to use Icarus. This synthesizer offers the best possible sound quality together with low CPU demands.

Get instantly inspired by the massive number of fresh, original sounds and create tracks with unique and individual characteristics!


Many people say that Icarus is the synth with the most powerful and best sounding filter section on the market. This is a bold claim, but why is it true?

There are two modular blocks, each equipped with true stereo architecture, flexible routing and multi-mode filters. Over 60(!) different sounding filter types are available: Vocal, fractal, analog, digital, resonator, EQ, ring modulation, FM, phaser, comb, physical modeling, multi-mode, re-sampling, … All filters offer the best possible sound quality and many of them are exclusive to Icarus. An animated display gives you immediate visual feedback. This makes it very easy to understand and tweak the filter behaviour. Two distortion sections, each with 9 different modes allow you to further shape the sound.


Icarus comes with an enormous and flexible effects section. 54 different effects and feedback can be combined in modular slots in order to build new and exciting results. Create your own custom effects which can then be saved & loaded separately!

An additional EQ, the innovative ducking and a limiter is provided to make your sound sit right in the mix.

We developed smart micro-tuning algorithms, which make chords sound fatter, harmonically rich and warm.


The included arpeggiator instantly creates inspiring and wonderful melodies. Working with the powerful arpeggiator is very simple: Just input your notes into the note sequencer. The arpeggiator supports advanced features such as glides, swing & shuffle, split, matrix integration and gives you precise control over note-sorting, play direction and velocity. Smart playing aids like auto-chord speed up the production process and help you whenever you need it.

Don’t feel like programming your own patterns? Use one of the built-in patterns or load one of the many external pattern presets to use as your starting point.

Wavetable Editor

Icarus comes with the most powerful wavetable editor on the market. You can use it to create your own wavetables or to edit one of the many wavetables that are already included in Icarus.

A smart random generator allows you to create an infinite number of new and musically useful wavetables with a single mouse-click. The spectral editor turns Icarus into an additive synthesizer, giving you detailed control over the partials and phase. You can also draw your own waveforms using the mouse.

Icarus' flexible, compact and open file format allows sound designers & artists to easily create their own soundsets, waveforms and wavetables. Many common wavetable & waveform formats are supported and it is possible to import and export wavetables from-and-to other synthesizers. The wavetables are stored within your patches and songs, so you don't have to worry about managing any additional files on your hard-disc.

The comfortable editor includes over 100 professional tools to tweak wavetables. You get basic features like, cutting, mixing and filtering, as well as advanced tools such as de-noising, enhancing, re-synthesis, vocoder, spectral modification and phase manipulation.


Icarus offers a huge sonic range, is extremely versatile, but still remains easy to use. Animated displays give you visual feedback. You can instantly see and hear the results of your actions.

Context sensitive tool-tips explain the function of the control that you're currently tweaking. The user-friendly and accessible interface makes tweaking easy for anyone, regardless of skill level or experience.

The customisable interface allows you to select your favorite color scheme. Having several instances of Icarus loaded at the same time, it's even possible to display single instances each with different colors. This helps you with keeping the orientation, when you're working on a complex project containing many tracks.

Patch browser

If you want to save time you need audio products which are reliable and efficient to work with. You need instant access to a great and inspiring library. Icarus comes with an astounding sound collection of over 1000 production-ready sounds! Each sound has been carefully built by a professional sound designer and has been crafted with a lot of love and great attention to detail. The patches are very easy-to-mix, because they've been carefully EQed, pre-mastered and are in perfect sync to your track tempo.

A well-designed patch browser is provided to give you an instant overview of the available categories and sounds. You can audition them with an on-screen keyboard.


Spice up your tracks with exciting movement! Do you want to use the LFO to wobble your sound? Simply drop it onto a knob and you've got it. Modulation can be as simple or complex as you want. Use drag&drop or the modulation matrix to connect dozens of sources to all important sound parameters. Modulate almost any parameter with audio-rate speed, from internal modulation sources like LFOs, punchy envelopes, step sequencers, and a wide variety of MIDI signals. We've also included midi-learn, so assigning CC's is as simple as a right mouse click.


  • Icarus is the most powerful wavetable synth on the market

  • The audio engine is able to produce all important synth sounds in high-end quality

  • The award-winning '3D wavetable synthesis' creates sounds impossible with other synths and reveals a new level of dynamic expression

  • The re-synthesis allows you to rebuild any sound with a mouse click

  • Low CPU requirement

  • Easy to use interface with animated displays and drag&drop modulation

  • Huge sonic range

  • Over 1000 presets by pro-designers

  • Patch browser

  • Powerful wavetable and spectrum editor

  • 3 x 53 effects, vocoder

  • Powerful Arpeggiator

  • 10x stereo Hypersaw, unison, stacks, chords, mono, poly, legato...

  • 54 synthesis modes (FM, PWM, formant, phase distort, sync, ...)

  • Dual multi-mode filter section with 62 filter types and 8 distortion types

  • Customizable user interface

  • Expandability, modular


  • Sound engine with true stereo architecture

  • 3D wavetable synthesis: Waves can be morphed in 3 dimensions

  • Exclusive sounds, impossible with other synths

  • High-end sound quality with low CPU requirement

  • Multicore processor support

  • Huge sonic range

  • High flexibility

  • Patch browser

  • Wavetable editor

  • Spectrum editor

  • Re-synthesis

  • Over 1000 sounds by professional designers

  • 54 different, combinable synthesis modes

  • Dual multi-mode filters with 2 x 62 filter types

  • 2 x 8 distortion types

  • 3 x 53 effects, vocoder

  • 10x stereo Hypersaw, unison, stacks

  • Polyphonic, monophonic, legato

  • Up to 256 waveforms per wavetable

  • Unlimited number of wavetables and waveforms

  • Random generator for wavetables

  • Midi learn

  • Easy to use

  • Animated displays

  • Context sensitive help

  • Drag & drop modulation

  • Very fast envelopes and LFOs

  • Programmable arpeggiator

  • Expandability

  • Customizable user interface

  • Can import and export samples, waveforms or wavetables in wav format

  • Standalone version for PC

  • Flexible preset management

  • Free support and updates

Modulators (all can be used simunaniously)

  • 4 AHDSR envelopes

  • 14 Decay envelopes

  • 2 Hold envelopes

  • 16 LFOs with sine waveform

  • 3 LFOs with 40 morphable waveforms

  • Step LFO / Gate with custom waveform

  • Arpeggiator

  • Various Midi CCs

  • 4 Noise sources

  • Key split

Synthesis methods (can be combined)

  • 3D Wavetables / Classic Wavetables

  • Resynthesis of samples

  • Vocoder

  • Hypersaw / Stereo Hypersaw / Supersaw / Unison

  • Stacks / Chords / Autochord

  • Additive

  • Substractive / Analog

  • FM

  • Speech synthesis

  • Formant synthesis

  • Waveshaping

  • PWM

  • Sync

  • Ringmod, AM

  • Noise

  • Physical modeling

  • Phase distortion

  • Granular

  • Time stretching

  • Pitch shifting

  • Import of waveforms and wavetables

  • Various other new modes, exclusive to Icarus

Effect types (can be combined for new effects)

  • Reverb Medium, Reverb Big, Reverb Plate, Reverb Glass, Reverb Dark, Reverb Infinite, Reverb Feedback, Reverb Spring, Reverb Trance, Reverb Cheap, Reflections

  • Delay, Pingpong, Multitap, Delay Fat, Delay Dual, Delay Diffuse, Delay Band, Tape Delay, Echo / Slapback

  • Chorus, Smart Unison, Ensemble

  • Phaser, Phaser Stereo

  • Flanger, Flanger Stereo

  • Vibrato, Vibrato stereo

  • Autopan, Surround Pan, Rotary, Tremolo

  • EQ High Cut, EQ Low Cut, EQ Param

  • Saturate, Soft Clip, Hard Clip, Rectify, Bitcrush, Warp, Waveshape, Amp Sim, Multiband Distortion, Degrader, Multiband Degrader, Noise

  • Compressor, Limiter

  • Surround Encode

  • Trancegate

  • Feedback

  • Microtuning

  • Psychoacoustic processing

  • Bass boost

Filter types (can be combined)

  • Low-pass: Digital 12dB, Digital 24dB, Butter 24dB, Curtis 12dB, Curtis Analog, Tone2 24dB, Tone2 Analog, Tone2 Scream, 303 18dB, 303 Analog, Chain 6-48dB, Elliptic, Octave, Shaped, AM, HighQ

  • High-pass: Digital 12dB, Analog 12dB, Analog 24dB, Chain 6-48dB

  • Band-pass: Digital 12dB, Digital 24dB, Analog 12dB, Analog 24dB, Boobs

  • Equalizer: Notch, Peak Tight, Peak Medium, Peak Wide, Shelf Tight, Shelf Wide, Bandlimit

  • Vocalic: A, U, I, IEA, AOU, IYU, IEAOU

  • Comb-filters: Phaser 2x, Phaser 2x FB, Phaser 3x, Phaser 3x FB, Comb+, Comb-

  • Fractal-filters: LP 1, LP 2, LP 3, LP 4, FO 1, FO 2

  • Ring-modulation: Ringmod, LP, LP2, FM Lowpass, AM

  • Pysical-modeling resonators: Guitar, Flute, Odd, Even

  • LoFi: Resampling, Sample & Hold

System requirements

PC: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / Vista  (32 bit or 64 bit)

PC formats: 32-bit VSTi, 64-bit VSTi, standalone

Mac: Mac OSX 10.5 or higher

Mac formats: 32-bit VSTi, 64-bit VSTi, 32-bit Audiounit, 64-bit Audiounit