Video Interview : Kim Bjørn, Co-Author of Patch & Tweak

One man, his vision for a book, and patching together the best minds and hearts invovled in modular synthesis. We interview the incredible Kim Bjørn about Patch & Tweak.  Rounik Sethi 

For explorers of eurorack and modular synthesis there are two excellent resources you really should check out:

1. These video courses by synth and modular expert, DivKid:

2. The new book from the makers of Push Turn Move, Patch & Tweak (which met its Kickstarter goal within 10 minutes!)

We met up with co-author of Patch & Tweak in Elevator Sound, Bristol a few days back. It's not only awesome to meet up and chat with Kim, he also gave us a very interesting interview describing the thought behind and the making of Patch & Tweak, as well as the novel patch system in the book which they're hoping can be used more widely in the modular community, no matter what brand of modules are being utilised.

Whether you're just becoming interested in modular synths or an experienced veteran the new book by Kim Bjørn and Chris Meyer, Patch & Tweak, is an interesting read! We interview Kim at Elevator Sounds in Bristol, UK about the making of this unique book.
And it's not just synth-heads that enjoy Patch & Tweak...

And it's not just synth-heads that enjoy Patch & Tweak...