6U/104HP Performer Series

6U/104HP Performer Series


6U/104HP Performer Series  

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Meet the new MDLRCASE portable Eurorack case; the 6U 104HP Performer Series.

The 6U 104HP Performer Series case is our first portable case and is the first entry level model in our lineup. This is the perfect solution if you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight portable Eurorack case that can be used both in the studio or live on stage.

Filling two rows measuring 104HP and powered by two busboards, this 6U case offers 40 headers of connectivity giving you enough power to drive your favorite modules as you go out on the road to play.

You can easily take this rig with you while it’s fully patched because our lid design builds in the required spacing for your cables, making this unit a favorite for its ease of use.

With reliability in mind we build our cases with Penn Elcom components for maximum durability and apply a two-component coating solution that adds an extra layer of protection to your serious investment. If your modules require an extra jolt of power we can configure the case with a Doepfer PSU-3 so you can throw almost anything into your rig, if you don’t have such heavy duty power requirements you can always opt for the more budget friendly Meanwell RT65B power supply as well.

Two adjustable feet in the bottom of the case allow the artist to set the optimal playing angle assuring maximum ergonomics while increasing fun and comfort for the performer.



  • 104HP 6U  (1056 mm module space)

  • Dimensions: L= 56cm W=21cm H=16,3cm

  • Total weight 6,3 kg 

  • Space from top rail to bottom 7cm

  • Space above PSU 3,5cm (you can place any skiffy module here)

  • Can be carried while patched

  • Handmade case, fully nailed and glued construction.

  • 12mm birchwood with a special 2 layer protection coating

  • Doepfer PSU-3 or Meanwell RT-65B power supply (please choose in order proces).

  • Switching power for worldwide use

  • 4 rails with M3 threaded strips

  • 4 Bastl Juiceboards (19 headers each)

  • Completely wired and assembled

  • Luxe carrying handle

  • Rubber feet

  • Powercable

Powersupply (Meanwell RT65B or Doepfer PSU-3):
Meanwell RT65B power supply:

AC-DC Triple output enclosed power supply
The closed design and the short circuit and overvoltage protection are the properties that make the industrial MeanWell switching power supplies stand out.

• Closed design (case), screw connections
• Universal input
• Overload protection via current limit, auto recovery
• Protected against short circuit, overload, excess voltage
• Long-life 105°C electrolytic capacitors

Technical data:
Output voltage: CH1: 5 V/CH2: 12 V/CH3: -12 V
Output current: CH1: 5 A/CH2: 2.8 A/CH3: 0.5 A
Output: 64.6 W
Ripple: CH1: 80 mVpp/CH2: 120 mVpp/CH3: 80 mVpp
Input voltage: 88 ~ 264 V AC/125 ~ 373 V DC
Efficiency: 77%
Max. inrush current: COLD START 40 A/230 V AC
Operating temperature: -40 – +85°C
Size: 129 x 98 x 38 mm
Weight: 0.44 kg

Doepfer PSU-3
The PSU3 is a strong power supply for Eurorack modular systems. It is universal i.e. it works with a wide range of mains voltages, from 100V to 240V. Up to four bus boards can be connected to the PSU3.

Since early 2016 it is used in most enclosures and complete systems from Doepfer. Compared to it’s precursor with a toroidal transformer it supplies you with more current at +12V and it generates four Ampere at +5V!

12V / 2000 mA
-12V / 1200 mA
+5V / 4000 mA

MDLRCASE busboard:

2x screw terminals for power supply/second busboard connection
20x standard eurorack power connectors with safety notches to protect from modules reversed connections
3 power rails 12V, -12V, 5V
voltage indicator LED on every power line
decoupling capacitors to remove residual PSU ripple at every power line
switchable 5V linear voltage regulator for power supplies that don’t support 5V output