The Quad Peak Animation System

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The Quad Peak Animation System combines the auditory enveloping of stereo spaced peaks with the animation of two or more peaks in a single channel dancing around each other or engaging in primitive vocalizations. QPAS is Quad Core, containing four identical state variable filter cores with a control system powerful enough to guide them in stereo multi-peak operation, but simple enough to encourage system integration rather than domination.


  • Width: 18hp

  • Max Depth: 30mm

  • Power:
    166mA @ +12V
    190mA @ -12V


  • Quad Core Stereo Analog

  • Multi-Peak with clean resonance

  • Fast response encourages deep FM

  • Radiate spaces stereo image and animates associated channel

  • High Q settings are under damped, excitable, and ring by gate or trigger

  • !!¡¡ modulation inputs aid patch exploration

  • Stereo VCA, pre-filter with gain

  • Mono to Stereo, Stereo to Mono, Mono to Mono and Stereo to Stereo operations

  • Smile Pass filter response unique to QPAS

  • Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Smile Pass outputs simultaneously available