Leploop v2 incl. Power Supply 12V

Leploop v2 incl. Power Supply 12V


Leploop v2 incl. Power Supply 12V

Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare (L. E. P. ) is proud to present to you a one-of-a kind analog synthesizer, sequencer and drum-machine: LEPLOOP!
Small in nature but aggressive in sound, the user will be able to create a variety of analog timbres and beats.

LEPLOOP was designed to be a minimalist electronic music live-performance groove-box, which can be used to create a variety of electronic musical styles.

The LEPLOOP can be synched via MIDI to another LEPLOOP for tempo-synched operation or to another MIDI device or sequencer to receive sequence stop & start instructions.

Lep loop V2

1 oscillator (VCO1) triangular/square wave

1 oscillator (VCO2) sawtooth wave with ring modulator and FM modulation

White noise generator

24 dB/OCT Low pass filter

Kick drum with distorsion and trigger mixer

2 VCA's

2 AR Envelope generators


16 Capacitors analo sequencer PWM programmable

4 Track digital rhythm sequencer 64 step each track

4 Channel audio mixer

Midi input(clock and notes)

5 CV out: S\H, SEQ, LFO, ENV1, ENV2

3 gate out: S\H, SEQ, CASSA

3 CV in: VCO1, VCO2, VCF cutoff

1 audio in (VCF)

4 audio out: MIXER, CASSA, VCO2, VCO mix

1 clock output: clock 24, MIDI start\stop

EEPROM memory 16 banks 10 pattern each

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Significantly improved version of the analog groovebox Leploop now sports a plethora of inputs and outputs making it possible to connect with modular systems. The oscillators received an upgrade and are capable of FM and ringmodulation now but the nasty bass drum, flexible audio signal routing and the arcane digital sequencer remained.


The Leploop consists of two VCOs; the first with selectable wave form, the second with FM (source: VCO1, EG1 or LFO). Ringmodulation is possible, too. In the mixer section you can route and mix the oscillators. Of all sections the VCOs have the most modulation possibilites, even inverted envelope 1 or external CVs.
Further sound sources are a noise generator and the Cassa, a heavy bass drum with hard distortion, nasty distortion and attack. An external audio input is available, too.

Modulation sources: two attack-decay envelopes, a LFO with three wave forms, a flexible sample & hold generator and the sequencer. These can be routed by switches to almost all sections.
The sequencer has four tracks, memory and adjustable sequence length, depending on the number of tracks.

The filter is a resonant 24dB lowpass with modulation of cutoff and resonance. The input can be noise, the oscillator mix, the cassa or the external signal.
VCA1 is modulated either by the LFO, the 1st envelope or the S&H. noise, VCO1 or VCO2 can be used as audio sources.
VCA2 is modulated by the 2nd envelope only and it's input can be the filtered signal or the first VCO.

The final mix of Cassa, the 1st and 2nd VCA and the filter is set in a separate section.


S&H outputs: CV and Gate
sequencer outputs: CV and gate
LFO out, Cassa gate out, clock out
VCO2 and oscillator mix (3.5mm outputs)
CV inputs for both oscillators
CV outs for both AD-envelopes
external audio input
MIDI Input (5 pin DIN socket)
Audio output, Cassa individual output (1/4" sockets)


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