2016 Stereo Room

2016 Stereo Room


A great sounding room reverb

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The Art of Reverb

The 2016 Stereo Room reverb plug-in was crafted to simulate a great sounding ‘room’. Delay lengths, reflections, and other properties of the virtual room were carefully considered in the modeling. This combination of art and science results in a natural, yet distinctive sounding reverb. The simple intuitive controls allow you to fine tune the perfect space for your sound - whether it’s a dark hallway or a bright studio vocal room.

Originally found on the SP2016 rackmount, which has been used on hit records for decades, the 2016 Stereo Room plug-in features hand crafted artist presets from Joe Chiccarelli, George Massenburg, and Dave Pensado. Capable of both lush and subtle sounds, it’s also easy on your CPU. Use multiple instances to bring out the character of different parts of a track - 20 instances in one session? Go for it!


  • Natural and distinctive sounding room reverb

  • Simple, intuitive parametric controls that prevent unnatural results

  • Complex early reflections resembling those of an actual great-sounding room

  • Smooth decay tail that sits in the mix

  • Novel Position control for precise mic placement in the virtual room

  • Diffusion alters the character of the space - from sharp to rich

  • Dedicated EQ controls to further sculpt your sound

  • Low CPU hit - use as many instances as you want!

Own the Legend

Since its debut in 1982 as the go-to reverb in the SP2016 rack effects unit, Eventide’s Stereo Room algorithm has been the gold standard for a room reverb that sits nicely in a mix and positions your sound in an acoustical space without washing out the integrity of the source. This is why Allen Sides, Mick Guzauski and Jack Douglas have been proud adopters and to this day it’s still in use in world-class studios like Ocean Way.

"The algorithms naturally simulate every aspect of the sound of a real enclosure - from the complex early reflections, to the natural way in which the echo density increases with time, to the smooth decay of the reverb tail." 

— Tony Agnello, Designer of the 2016 Stereo Room

Artists Using 2016 Stereo Room

Joe Chiccarelli

U2, Elton John

John Agnello

Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.

Stewart Lerman

Patti Smith, St. Vincent, Boardwalk Empire

Alex Solano

Pulsating Waves, Plugin Connection

Aran Lavi

Oren Barzilay, Avraham Tal, Dikla, George Benson

Buda & Grandz

Wyclef, Dave East, Meek Mill, G-Unit, The Lox

Ed Pettersen

Richard Thompson, Freedy Johnston, Candi Staton, Wadada Leo Smith, Giuseppi Logan, Henry Kaiser

Erin Tonkon

David Bowie, Holy Holy, Esperanza Spalding

Jordi Martinez Guals


Matt Lange

Deadmau5, BT

Siegfried Meier

Kittie, Face To Face, DMX, Woods of Ypres, Adam Wendler


Jose A. Medina


 The look and feel of Stereo Room 2016 is kind of retro but is easy to view and control which is good. As for the sound Stereo Room 2016 does a great job a recreating the 80’s style reverb algorithm from the hardware unit and sounds really natural.

Producer Spot

You'll love the way the 2016 encourages you to blend scale and proximity to create space that doesn't swallow up the sound. Boosting the Low EQ can turbocharge the decay and, as long as you keep the levels in check, the tail is wonderfully smooth. 

Computer Music

Within 15 seconds I had some classic 80’s snare reverb running...The slightly grainy resolution and light modulation on the decay is spot on.

Matt Buttler

The Modern Producer

Customer Testimonials

I love the Princeton Reverb. The 'New' reverb sounds great. It's my new favorite snare drum reverb. It's got all the tone and character of the original 2016 but with much more life and aggression. It fits in the track nicely, it complements the original sounds and doesn't eat up too much room.

—Joe Chiccarelli

I've used the Eventide SP-2016 on hundreds of projects since its initial release in 1983. I've always loved its smooth natural decay for vocals and orchestral tracks. The density of the reverb is great for drums and percussion. The new reverb 2016 retains all the charm of the original while greatly reducing the noise floor and and allowing much finer control of the reverb parameters.

—Mick Guzauski

The 2016 plug is a regular component of my reverb scene. It's colorful texture penetrates guitar music better than just about anything.

—Hank Neuberger


Platform Compatibility

Microsoft Windows 7+ and Apple OS X 10.7+

DAW Compatibility

Software Plug-In Format
Pro Tools 10+
AAX Native
Cubase 7+ VST2
Nuendo VST2
Wavelab VST2
Logic 8+ AU
Ableton Live 7+ AU, VST2
Studio One AU, VST2
Digital Performer AU
Reaper VST2
GarageBand AU
Audition AU, VST2