BITWIG STUDIO Standard Download Version

BITWIG STUDIO Standard Download Version


Bitwig Studio for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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Bitwig Studio 2 is built to inspire. Sketch new ideas. Arrange them. Mix them down. You can even perform with it onstage! Bitwig Studio 2's reworked modulation system provides a flexible environment for music creation and gives you 24 new modulators to choose from. Explore new creative frontiers with an array of new devices. Craft captivating sounds with the upgraded Polysynth. And if you use external synths, you're going to love Bitwig Studio 2's improved hardware integration. You'll zip through your projects, thanks to smart tool switching, improved editor workflow, and easy crossfade creation. Complete with VST3 support, Bitwig Studio 2 also includes a host of menu and window improvements.


Windows - Windows 7 SP1 or later
Mac - OS X 10.9 or later